B-JAG3 Magnolia Olive Oil and Glycerin Soap

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This flower helps whiten the skin of those spots and dark spots that arise. Due to its aroma and oils, it helps you relax and release stress.

Inside it contains a practical sponge that helps provide greater hydration and nutrition to the skin. The cream produced by this natural soap lasts on the sponge and when we rub it on our skin, its creaminess leaves a very pleasant aroma while it has oils (depending on the model) that provide added beneficial properties for all skin types. Ideal for children (+ 3 years) and adults with sensitive or delicate skin

Instructions for use: In the shower or bath, wet the soap and rub it gently on your skin until you feel its creaminess and irresistible aromas. Rinse and dry gently.

This soap has approximately 20 uses and contains 90g.

This soap has 10 uses per disc and contains 20g.

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